River Heights Vineyard Church

River Heights Vineyard Church

Church at 6070 Cahill Avenue, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

River Heights Vineyard is a community of people trying to live authentic Christian lives - the kind described in the Bible. Whether you are a spiritual seeker who has questions about God, a committed Christian desiring to sink your roots down deeper

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in Inver Grove Heights, MN

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  • Loaves and fishes meal is always fun, friendly, and tasty! The community here is just so great. There is a place for every type!

    Added June 23, 2017 by Ella Vator
  • I began attending about 5 years ago, and was just impressed by the atmosphere and good free coffee at first. I brought my nephew and they had quality child care run by experienced staff. I liked the sermons and met a few nice people where I was soon invited to coffee/dinner by various people and one of the pastors. I found them to be the same people they were on Sunday mornings, which can be rare to find! The leadership in general is very heartfelt, wise, and Biblically-oriented, but still smart regarding modern issues.

    This church in my experience generally has two halves (like most churches in our time) that you could divide it into, as well as the staff. One half is made of those in the older generation, some of whom lean toward the more conservative side of life and politics. And then there is the younger half, which leans more toward the progressive end in personality style and politics. This church's best attribute is that these two sides work well together under this roof and emphasize not only civil, respectful debate but a full-fledged discussion of issues from the heart. I regularly see both sides willing to listen, compromise, and read more info regarding the issues. They even have a monthly gathering specifically for that, a book club called "Theology Pub".

    As part of the Vineyard Community of Churches (not quite a denomination, but close to being one) this church tries to have both a modern feel to its setup and still retains some evangelical leanings (modern guitar worship music, people who believe it is possible to have a personal relationship with God, and genuine belief in salvation/sin/heaven/the Gospel... as well as world missionary work).

    They are very open to people who are in faith transition, who are agnostic, or are unsure about their denomination, etc. I have seen people with both troubled pasts or contrary views (even some odd ones) come in and be accepted, as they are and appropriately challenged to consider something deeper and richer to be found in Christ. The ultimate example of all of this is their ministry schooling that is offered to members-- and it is easy to become a member if you attend regularly--called Vineyard Institute. I completed half of it and may one day complete the other half but have to say I was very impressed by the professors the Vineyard Community got for the church's courses. I say that having went to one of the best Lutheran colleges.

    I don't always agree with this church on everything, but I deeply respect them and feel they try wholeheartedly to embody love, teach healthy things, help the poor, and help people move from light into darkness. When I have seen the leadership make everyday mistakes or have arguments they are always quick to apologize, change, and try to do better. Everyone is different, so I don't have a way of knowing if they will be the right place for you in your journey to find a church, but they are certainly a place I recommend attending and visiting at least once. It has been a warm home for me through many difficult periods of my life and helped me to grow. ~Judah Johansen

    Added February 08, 2017 by Judah Johansen
  • God lead me here ro this place of worship while visiting this area for training... Holy Spirit lead, thank you Jesus!! Laura Thomas

    Added December 31, 2016 by Myron Thomas
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